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Signature Science

Simplify Biology, Chemistry and Physics for success in the GCSEs. For ages 13 to 16, Signature Science classes run throughout the week and are taught by qualified, specialist Science teachers. Use Signature Memberships and Passes to book.

Enrol your child in Signature Science for all their GCSE Science needs:

  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • All exam boards
  • Full curriculum covered
  • Clear explanations
  • Practice exam papers
  • Exam tips and techniques

Who is Signature Science for?

  • Year 9, 10 and 11 students studying their GCSEs
  • Year 8 or 9 students who have already achieved a solid understanding of English and Maths
If your child is in Year 8 or 9 and struggling in any way with English and / or Maths, we recommend enrolling in an Essentials class first. We will closely monitor your child's progress and let you know when they're ready to move on to Signature Science.