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Tailored to your child's needs, Essentials is a fun, friendly and effective way of mastering English and Maths. Classes run twice a day, Monday to Saturday. Use Essentials Memberships and Passes to book.

Enrol your child in Essentials for help with any combination of:

  • All aspects of English, including Handwriting, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Comprehension
  • All aspects of Maths, including Times Tables, Arithmetic, Fractions, Decimals, Algebra and Problem Solving
  • Confidence, focus, concentration, special educational needs, gifted students, EAL (English as an Additional Language)
  • 11+, SATs, scholarships and entrance exams, home schooling support
  • pre-GCSE support (or consider joining a Signature English, Maths or Science class for ages 13 to 18 instead)
Who are Essentials classes for?

  • All children from Reception to Year 9
If your child is in Year 8 or 9 and doing well in both English and Maths, you may be able to enrol them in a Signature English, Maths or Science class for targeted extension work and GCSE preparation.